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Trees For Curb Appeal

Best Trees for Curb Appeal

If you are looking to plant trees that are going to improve your curb appeal, whether you are planning to sell your home or not, it can be difficult to find the best ones for your home. You have to look at many different things, including the size and shape of your yard. Do you want a tree that grows wide and skinny? One that is shorter but can provide a lot of shade? Is the tree there simply to make your yard look better or do you want it to serve different functions?

Trees For Urban Areas

Best Trees for Urban Areas

It can be difficult to plant trees in urban areas or “street trees” as some people call them. Why? The truth is that pollution from roads, the sometimes rough handling of cars and people, and just the lack of greenery around are things that other trees cannot handle. Sure, some trees might be able to grow, but they will not be able to thrive in an environment where they have concrete.

Crape Myrtle

Should You Get a Crape Myrtle Tree?

Crape Myrtles are one of the most popular trees because they are absolutely beautiful. They can also be quite popular because they grow quite quickly and they provide a bit of shade and color during all the seasons. The larger varieties, in particular, grow quite quickly, which is important for those who are planting trees to raise the value of their home. In general, Crape Myrtles are resilient and can withstand quite a bit of stress (either in the form of dehydration, children, and pests). More cold weather varieties becoming available, making them adaptable to more locations.

Trees Growing

Are Your Trees Growing as They Should?

Trees are some of the most beautiful things in our world, but they tend to go through the awkward stage that so many other things (including people) go through in life. They have a growth period where they are a bit gawky, a bit pimply, and they don’t always look their best. Sometimes, they don’t even smell all that great. Sound familiar? There are so many ways in which the “puberty” that trees go through imitates our own.

Brown Crunchy Evergreens

Your Evergreen is Brown and Crunchy — What Now?

There is so much beauty in an evergreen tree. When the rest of your trees are turning brown and dying during the autumn and winter months, they are standing lively and green. However, that doesn’t mean that they will always stay that way. Various conditions, life cycle stages, and events can effect the look of your evergreen tree.

Tree Planting FAQS

Tree Planting FAQs

Planting a tree can be the start of a rewarding relationship. No matter what you do in your yard from here on out, the tree is part of your life’s landscape. However, many people don’t really know a lot about planting trees or keeping them alive throughout the developmental stages of their lives.

Reducing Winter Salt Damage

Reducing Winter Salt Damage to Your Trees

Using salt to de-ice streets is essential all over the country to keep roads and sidewalks dry and walkable throughout the winter months. While of course this is a great invention and we are all able to get back to our lives much more quickly because of the salt, it can take a toll on your trees, shrubs, and other greenery located near the treated areas.

Trees Ready For Winter

Get Your Trees Ready for Winter in 5 Steps

Winter is a particularly tough time for tree care, whether you are a homeowner or a tree care professional. The weather is particularly difficult to predict, so you never know what you need to prepare for and what you can skip this year. The best thing that you can do is prepare for the worst case scenario beforehand.

Root Of Your Problems

Getting to the Root of Your Tree Problems

Tree roots – you have a love and hate relationship with them. You love them because they make your tree taller and stronger than you ever thought possible. They help your tree to get the nutrition that they need and they help it to stand tall in the face of in-climate weather.

Insects On Trees

If You See These Insects on Your Trees – Panic

So often, we just walk around our yards and mindlessly swat at pests without knowing what we are doing – and sometimes, the things we are swatting at could be extremely dangerous. Most of the time, it is just a mosquito or a fly and there is nothing wrong. However, there are some times that the thing you are trying to move away from your face is dangerous – dangerous to you, dangerous to your children, dangerous to pets, or dangerous to your greenery.

Oak Wilt Grants

How to Obtain Grants & Cost Sharing for Oak Wilt Treatment

Oak wilt – it is a phrase that is enough to send many homeowners and tree care professionals into hysterics. Why? It has absolutely decimated so many different trees and rendered entire neighborhoods helpless to its wrath.

Oak Wilt Treatments

Oak Wilt: How & Why We offer Confirmation & Treatment in Kalamazoo

Oak Wilt is one of the nastiest diseases the trees in your yard can face. This problem started in Texas and has spread to twenty-one states. Many homeowners are worried about it in Michigan, in particular, since it seems to have struck us the hardest.

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