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American Arbor LLC are tree service experts that provide recent news about our work, information about our services, and more. Our team of arborists always want to make sure that our customers get the proper tree healthcare that their property needs. So, we provide news to help them learn more about what steps they can take to achieve great tree health, or what services of ours might be able to assist them in working toward that goal. If you read about any service that you are interested in and would like to know more, or you want to schedule some of our tree health services for your own property, reach out on our contact page.


Healthy Soil

Your Soil’s Story: What Needs to be in it

Dirt or soil, whatever you call the brown stuff that fills your gardens, you probably don’t think about it too much. That could be for any number of reasons, but probably because you think that you don’t have to think about it. But you should, at least if you want your trees to be happy and healthy. Of course, the rest of your yard will be happy if you can take care of the soil as well.

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