4 Commercial Tree Care Services in Kalamazoo

Commercial tree care services in Kalamazoo play a crucial role in how your business is perceived by the general public. No matter what product or service that you sell, people will judge your business by its appearance. Trees that aren’t well taken care of, lots that aren’t cleared, and branches that fall may give the impression of falling behind the times. Even if people don’t think about this on a conscious level, they are processing how you take care of your business.

Curb appeal matters, so how can you improve yours? There are a few vital services that tree care companies in Kalamazoo offer for businesses. These have been put into place to ensure that the outside of your business does as much work as in the inside of it.

Here are just a few of the commercial tree care services that we offer to our clients – and services you should consider overall:

Tree Spraying

  • Can help to produce more beautiful shows in the springtime
  • Lessens the chance of infestations or tree death
  • Protects you from neighbors who may not take care of their trees

If you have trees that flower or produce fruits, you may want to consider tree spraying services for your commercial property. Tree spraying can prevent pests and diseases from taking over your trees. If you are in an urban area or you are surrounded by other businesses, there is a chance that bugs will jump from their trees onto yours. At the same time, diseases spread very easily. Tree spray can protect your trees and the other plants on your property, but only if they are applied appropriately. When done incorrectly, tree sprays can be deadly.

Timing is very important when it comes to tree spraying, according to Tree Doc. It takes a professional to look at your trees and determine the right time, the right type of spray, and even how many applications of the spray you may need. This process can be complicated. A professional tree service, however, will know exactly what to do for your trees.

Right Of Way Clearance

  • Keep other companies off of your property
  • Electric lines, roads, and sewage companies may clear your lot
  • Get to the problem before someone else does

If your business is in a very busy part of town, there is likely an organization that will keep the area around your business clean. However, this also gives them the ability to make some specific decisions. They may give notice before taking down or trimming a tree, or they may not. They may step in and handle the job their way, and it may not be done exactly they way you would have wanted.

According to My Energy Cooperative, you have a responsibility to keep the area around power lines cleared, or they will come in and do it for you: ” A right-of-way refers to a strip of land underneath or around power lines that your electric cooperative has the right and responsibility to keep clear. Trees must grow far enough from wires that they will not cause harm to people or disruption to electrical service. Clearing the Right of Way involves cutting, mowing and spraying a minimum of 15 feet from all sides of a single phased electric line, and a minimum of 20 feet from a three phased electric line.” While some people won’t see the problem with that, you probably want to handle landscaping at your commercial property by yourself. This is especially true if you have a specific look you want to maintain.

Tree Removal

  • Safe, timely removal is best
  • Dead trees can infect others
  • Tree care companies can remove trees in tight spaces

Trees that are dead and dying are eyesores. At your business, a dead tree can be dangerous as well. Most businesses don’t have trees that are dead because they realize the serious threat that they are – dead trees spread diseases, reduce curb appeal, and suggest that you just don’t care about your property.

Working with professional tree care services will help you to remove your trees quickly and efficiently. It can also ensure that you don’t have a stump remaining. As most businesses don’t have ample room around these trees, a commercial tree care company will bring the tree down without destroying anything else on or off of your property. We can also remove the debris so that you don’t have these hazards just sitting around.

Storm Damage Cleanup

  • Clean up needs to be quick and precise
  • Don’t put your own employees at harm
  • Do not rent equipment to get the job done

After a storm, you want to open your business up as soon as possible. First, however, you need to clean up your property so that no one gets hurt. Depending on the type of storm damage, however, it can take a long time and some heavy machinery. If a tree or branch has fallen, you will also need a way to dispose of the timber. According to Forbes, a lot of people make mistakes when it comes to storm damage cleanup.

By reaching out to a professional tree care company, you will have the timeliness, machinery, and confidence that the job is done correctly. A professional company will know exactly how to tackle the problem and get to work. We also have the tools and machinery necessary to carry out the job.

If you believe that you have a problem with the trees or in your yard, give us a call today at (269) 216-6811. We’d love to chat about how we can help you. There is no job too big or too small – contact our professionals today!

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