5 Reasons Why You Should Plant an Oak Tree

The oak tree, with its timeless beauty and stately presence is a species that has many useful and appealing attributes. As we contemplate new and valuable ways to include trees in our Kalamazoo landscapes and with so many options at our fingertips, we feel it’s worth spending a little time to talk about this sturdy standby.

You Have So Many Choices When It Comes To The Type Of Tree

  • Various types of oaks are suitable for many yards
  • Choose the size and shape that matches your property
  • Different varieties offer a range of textures and shapes

Oak trees may be seen as commonplace, their great variety makes them useful and eye catching. A little research will point you in the right direction, whether it’s toward the burr oak with its generous shade or the willow oak, named for it’s thin, pointed leaves or the slow-growing, tall white oak to name a few.

According to Ilona’s Gardens, some of the best varieties you can choose from include: Quercus, Burr Oak, Scarlet Oak (Q.coccinnea), Red Oak (Q. rubra), Pin Oak (Q. Palustris), and White Oak (Q. alba).

You Will Have A Beautiful Fall Showing

  • Certain varieties are more muted
  • Some have brilliant orange displays
  • Beautiful from the first year

If you love a vibrant show of foliage in fall, then you cannot do better than an oak tree. Oak trees are the symbols of fall and for good reason – they simply outdo almost every other tree in terms of color.

In fact, they have the most range in our area, according to the Edges of the Woods Nursery.

This also means, of course, that they have some clean-up to do. You will want to consider this – but if you have kids, those piles of oak leaves will equal hours of fun and cherished memories.

Oak Trees Can Live Up To 200 Years

  • With proper care, they are long-lasting
  • They do take some time to reach their heights
  • Age is due to resilience and lack of problems

If you are looking for a tree that will truly grow with your family, then you need to look no further than oak trees. They can live up to 200 years if they are taken care of properly. Even better, they are generally quite healthy and beautiful throughout all of this time. Oak trees don’t have many “growing pains” and they stay bright and beautiful through their dying days.

Another reason why they are so long-lasting is simply that people don’t have to cut them down. They aren’t prone to diseases or infestations, meaning there aren’t many health issues. They are strong and slow growing, meaning that with proper maintenance and some good pruning, they won’t grow into powerlines or become too weak. Even better, they don’t disturb what you already have in your yard, according to Love To Know Home and Garden, “Beloved for their graceful shape by homeowners, selected by city planners for their long tap roots that don’t disturb sidewalks, and coveted by the lumber industry for their hardwood, oaks provide something for everyone.”

They Are Great For Wildlife

  • Attract animals that aren’t pests
  • Provide shelter and foods for different animals
  • Acorns are the main source of food

If you love wildlife in your yard, there are a few different types of animals that you may get because you planted an oak tree. Of course, squirrels love to eat acorns and will feast away in your yard. You may see deer around your yard as well – they love acorns.

Oak trees also provide food and shelter for many different types of songbirds.

You do have to be careful with oak trees and wildlife when you first plant them, according to Gardening Know How. They explain: “The main cause of the decline is the value of acorns and young saplings as a food source for wildlife.”

They Are Fairly Easy To Manage

  • Don’t require a lot of difficult care
  • Can tolerate changing conditions and climate
  • Aren’t likely to get a disease or an infestation

Oak trees are also quite popular because they simply don’t require a lot of work like many other types of trees do. They are easy to take care of, which makes them perfect for people who do not want to spend their nights and weekends taking care of trees. With regular maintenance and a keen eye for when something goes wrong, you shouldn’t really ever have problems with an oak tree.

Management is the best way to keep your tree healthy. Mossy Oak explains: “You can’t go wrong by managing pre-existing oaks or establishing new stands of oaks. While the trees you plant will not produce acorns immediately, you are creating something that will benefit a diverse range of wildlife species for decades to come. Likewise, your management efforts on pre-existing oaks will not only contribute to your land management experience but is a valuable investment for your future hunting experiences. ”

If you believe that you have a problem with your trees or in your yard, give us a call today at (269) 216-6811 and we can set up a time to visit you and your beautiful trees to see just what the problem is – and how we can help you. There is no job too big or too small – contact our professionals today!

Remember that trees are living things and they need our support to survive and thrive, especially if they are not native species to Kalamazoo.

Plant An Oak Tree