Should You do Tree Trimming in Winter?

Professinal Arborist

Should You do Tree Trimming in Winter?

Have you ever wondered if you should do tree trimming in winter? Take it from a team of professional arborists when we say: consider no more! Winter is a great time to prune compared to other parts of the year, and a team of professional arborists can work with you to ensure you prune trees correctly, so they continue to grow as best as possible.

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Water Sprouts

What are Water Sprouts on Trees?

There are so many different things on the trunk and branches of your tree that most people just overlook problem areas and think that it is something normal. Or, they think that something has gone wrong, but we depend on trees to take care of themselves pretty regularly. No matter what your thoughts are on inspecting your trees regularly, water sprouts are serious and need to be investigated regularly.

Tree Stress

How to Give Your Trees a Stress Test

Your trees get stressed, did you know that? Trees are just like everything in nature, wrestling with the elements and unpredictable circumstances. Often, climate is the biggest cause of stress for trees. It could be that the trees aren’t getting enough water since there is a drought. Sometimes, there may be too much water and they can get waterlogged. Occasionally, they face problems from snow or ice.

Mulch Around Tree

Pros and Cons of Using Mulch Around Your Trees

Mulching around your trees is a bit of a controversial topic – while some folks love to mulch, others are more wary. We’d like to point out that there are pros and cons. Mulch has its place and, as with all gardening and landscaping, careful tending and keeping an eye on things is always necessary. Everyone’s experience is different.

Eastern White Pine

What You Need to Know About the Eastern White Pine

The Eastern White Pine is the state tree of Michigan, but we’ve found that most residents don’t actually know much about this beautiful tree. The Eastern White Pine is a special tree and can be easily identified in the wild.

Watering Trees

What are Your Options for Watering Your Trees?

Everywhere in the world, weather patterns are changing – and it is especially true in Michigan that we are going to have to change the way we take care of our yards. One of the problems that you may have noticed over the last few years is that your gardens are drying out faster than ever. You can really see it in your flowers and shrubs, but it is impacting your trees as well. While they may not show it right away, they are feeling it.

Tree Planting FAQS

5 Tips for Planting a Tree this Spring

With spring in full bloom, many of us are turning our attention to gardening and landscaping. Incorporating new trees into your plans is a wonderful idea! Trees are not only beautiful, but add shade, improve air quality, and enhance your yard’s ecosystem.

Commercial Tree Services

4 Commercial Tree Care Services in Kalamazoo

Commercial tree care services in Kalamazoo play a crucial role in how your business is perceived by the general public. No matter what product or service that you sell, people will judge your business by its appearance. Trees that aren’t well taken care of, lots that aren’t cleared, and branches that fall may give the impression of falling behind the times. Even if people don’t think about this on a conscious level, they are processing how you take care of your business.

Tree Spraying Services

Why You Need Tree Spraying Services

Most of us enjoy trees, but we often take the complexity of their growth and care for granted. There are many things the average homeowner may not know about their tree care including how to properly trim, nourish, and treat their trees. While it’s true that trees in fields and forests can stand for decades without any tending, many don’t have the interference that trees in your backyard or around your business may have.

Plant An Oak Tree

5 Reasons Why You Should Plant an Oak Tree

The oak tree, with its timeless beauty and stately presence is a species that has many useful and appealing attributes. As we contemplate new and valuable ways to include trees in our landscapes and with so many options at our fingertips, we feel it’s worth spending a little time to talk about this sturdy standby.

Winter Tree Care

Winter Tree Care Tips for Your Trees

Winter is a precarious time for your trees. They are doing a lot of internal work while appearing pretty much dead on the outside. It is up to you to help protect them from all that this season can bring, from sun scalding to dehydration. Many people get away with not doing anything at all for their trees, but then they wonder why their trees don’t live long, healthy lives, or why they don’t bloom as much as they should in the spring.

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