Should You do Tree Trimming in Winter?

Have you ever wondered if you should do tree trimming in winter? Take it from a team of professional arborists when we say: consider no more! Winter is a great time to prune compared to other parts of the year, and a team of professional arborists can work with you to ensure you prune trees correctly, so they continue to grow as best as possible.

American Arbor LLC are tree service experts that provide any tree service to customers in need. If you have areas of your home that need to be trimmed back at the tree line, our team is here to help get the job done right.

The benefits of tree trimming in winter

There are a variety of benefits to tree trimming in late winter before growth begins again in the spring. One simple reason why is that the structure of trees is easier to see when you work on them in winter. Without foliage in the way, your arborist team can evaluate the trees in question and better plan to trim them. Those same trees are also dormant during the winter, meaning tree trimming can be done without damaging or disfiguring the tree.

With American Arbor, your trees get a professional assessment and proper trimming during the winter months, allowing them to grow naturally when winter is over, and growth starts again in spring.

Prevent yard damage

Beyond the health of the tree, another great reason to consider tree trimming during the winter is the protection that it offers your yard during the tree trimming process. When the ground is frozen solid in the middle of winter, the heavy machinery that may be necessary to reach higher or heavier branches won’t cause damage to your yard.

American Arbor always provides only the best tree services where and when they’re needed, so we will gladly take care of tree trimming during the winter if you have concerns over your yard facing damage in the process. We do everything we can to accommodate our customers, while still providing the most beneficial tree healthcare to the trees across their property.

With a commitment to quality services, professionals with years of experience, and excellent equipment in the tree care industry, American Arbor will provide a better overall tree trimming experience this winter. If you have branches or full trees that are a concern for you, contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward better tree management!

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