Tree Removal and Trimming in Southwestern Michigan

According to Michigan State University, there are an excess of 14 billion trees populating Michigan. Additionally, 53%—over half of the state—is covered in forest. In a state like ours, then, it’s no surprise that storms in both summer and winter can cause thousands of dollars in property damage around Kalamazoo due to falling trees and branches. Yet as a home or business owner, there is a way to prevent this risk of damage from affecting you. Here at American Arbor, we provide services such as tree removal and tree trimming to keep these damages from happening and keep you and your trees healthy and happy.

Tree Removal and Assessment for Risky Trees

If there are any trees in your yard that you feel could cause harm to you or your property, then don’t hesitate to contact us immediately for a risk assessment. As arborists, we can study your trees to determine their likelihood to cause damage to your property or even to other trees. Certain boring insects can infect your trees and weaken or even kill them, making them more likely to collapse. These insects can even spread to surrounding trees, causing damage to the environment as well as making the trees more likely to fall during situations of inclement weather. If we assess your trees and find that they are at risk of collapsing, then we’ll offer to either perform a tree removal or, if possible, give your tree the nutrients and pesticide it needs to fully recover.

Tree Trimming and Healthcare for At-Risk Trees

If you feel the trees on your property are at risk of dropping branches of your property but the tree itself is not at risk of causing damage, then we can also perform tree trimming on any trees you’d like to keep (and keep healthy!). Our tree trimming philosophy is that you should have knowledge of what’s happening with your trees, which is why we’ll present you with options not only for trimming, but also for tree management after our job is done.

Do you have trees that need to be removed, trimmed, assessed, or nurtured back to health? If so, contact us before the problem worsens. As arborists, we care about the trees that populate southwest Michigan and the Kalamazoo area, and we believe it’s our job to maintain the health of the trees that we all coexist with. When you work with us at American Arbor, you’re helping us achieve that goal.

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