Proper Tree Care During the Winter Months

Winter can have a significant impact on the trees in your yard, especially with the harsh weather that can result in sun scalding, dehydration, or even significant damage from storms. While many people may take winter tree care for granted, there are steps you can take to protect your trees from the elements. In today’s post, we will discuss ways you can care for your trees in the winter.

Winter is Actually a Good Time to Trim Certain Trees

With all of the leaves off of your trees, it’s much easier to identify branches on your tree that can be pruned and which are fine left as is. It’s easier to create clean cuts during the winter without leaves hindering your view, decreasing the chances of mistakes. By pruning your trees during the winter, you can also remove branches with disease and infestations that are dormant during the colder months, allowing you to do so without potential spreading these diseases or infestations to other trees, bushes, or shrubs on your property. Our team can diagnose any issues with your trees and provide the professional tree trimming service to make sure the trees will be healthy when spring arrives.

Proper Care in Winter Will Help Your Tree Produce More Flowers in the Spring

If you want your trees to produce flowers in the spring, you can take measures in the winter that will help increase the output. By properly pruning your trees, you can relieve the stress from them which improves their health and subsequently, improves the flower production. Our team can help make sure that your flowering trees will look great during the spring.

Identify Branches That May Break Under the Weight of Snow

Longer hanging branches are vulnerable to strong gusts of wind, and when you add a heavy accumulation of snow into the mix, the chances of that limb falling increase exponentially. When branches like this fall, not only can it cause damage to power lines and other structures on your property, but it can also adversely affect the health of the tree. Our experienced professionals can help safely remove those branches before they become serious problems that require expensive repairs.

No matter if you need emergency tree service after a storm or preventative maintenance to avoid those emergencies, you can count on the professionals at American Arbor to complete the work with a focus on safety for your peace of mind and ours. Contact us and let us know how we can assist with your tree healthcare needs today.