Knowing When it’s Time to Prune Your Trees

Like us, trees require a regiment of sunlight, nutrients, water, and proper care. Without proper care, a simple tree trimming could turn into tree removal or even stump grinding—something that any tree-lover should want to avoid. For that reason, maintaining the health of your trees is of utmost importance if you want to avoid both the loss of a beloved tree and the costs associated with disposing of one. To avoid these undesirable outcomes, today’s blog post will focus on the trimming and pruning necessary to keeping Kalamazoo trees happy and healthy.

American Arbor’s Philosophy on Tree Trimming

When it comes to tree trimming, we like to employ a philosophy of information positivity whenever possible. That means that our first line of defense against having to trim or prune trees is keeping you, the client, informed about everything you can do to give your trees the healthiest life possible. As arborists, we employ a litany of treatments to try and save any ailing tree before we recommend a move to trim, prune, or remove. That means when you have one of our professionals out to assess your trees, we’ll recommend and—with your permission—apply essential treatments to the tree and its soil to bring it back from the brink. To ensure your trees’ longevity, we can even recommend simple tree management programs to prevent them from falling again ill and strengthening their limbs to face the elements.

When Tree Trimming and Pruning is Necessary

If we’ve already exhausted our other options for tree recovery, we at American Arbor will finally recommend tree pruning. Weakening tree limbs could pose a risk to not only your yard, but to other properties as well; a weakened tree branch could fall on a vehicle, home, or even person. To prevent this, we’ll assess the limbs of your tree that ought to be pruned to maintain the health of your tree, your property, and possibly even yourself.

Only after we’ve assessed a tree for direct treatment, soil treatment, and pruning will we finally recommend a full tree removal. Then, with your go-ahead, we’ll get to work on removing any trees that could pose a risk to you or your property. That being said, the best (and cheapest) way to minimize a tree’s likelihood of posing a threat to yourself or your property is by preventing any need for pruning or removal in the first place through proper tree healthcare and treatment.

If you’re interested in healing your trees or keeping your trees in the good health that they already have, contact us today to begin discussing your options. A healthy tree is a happy tree; a happy tree is a happier home for everyone around Kalamazoo.

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