Kalamazoo Land Clearing and Stump Removal at American Arbor

Whether you’re revisiting an old plot of land or purchasing one for the first time, the challenge of land clearing and stump removal can be rife with unexpected (and unwanted) surprises. Because of the intensity of these tasks, injuries are liable to occur in addition to needlessly long hours of effort just to get the job done the way you need. For these reasons, you may want to ask yourself: when should I consider hiring a professional?

In this month’s blog post, we’re reviewing the ins and outs of land clearing and stump removal, and why you may want to consider hiring professionals going forward.

Why to Rely on Pros for Kalamazoo Land Clearing

Though land clearing may seem like a straightforward (if exhausting) task, it requires surprising industry knowledge. If you’re attempting your own land clearing for the first time, then you may run into unforeseen roadblocks such as:

  • Improper risk assessment
  • Insufficient equipment
  • Unforeseen costs
  • Conflicts with zoning laws

The most effective way to prevent these roadblocks is by hiring trained professionals. A land clearing professional will already know the potential pitfalls of working within zoning laws and can also complete the work in a timely manner.

Why Stump Removal is So Important

Though it may not seem like it, stump removal can be the most difficult part of the tree removal process. That being said, stump removal is nonetheless essential for land clearing, and should never be done improperly.

Improper stump removal can leave a surplus of wood and roots that will eventually decay and become a home for pests like termites. Additionally, if the stump had contracted a disease or fungus, then it may still be a host and contaminate nearby living trees.

To prevent the many negative side effects that rotting stumps can have on your property, professional stump removal is the only surefire path to success. Our professionals at American Arbor LLC are trained in handling stumps with both deep and shallow roots, and can make it as though the stump was never there in the first place.

Whether it’s land clearing or stump removal, don’t be caught off by the effort it takes to get the job done right. Here at American Arbor, our professionals are on-call to clear your property of unwanted vegetation and debris. To get in touch, simply click here to contact us for more information.