Do You Need Tree Removal in Kalamazoo? Here are Signs to Look For.

Trees are important to your property for a variety of reasons, but they can also pose a risk to your property. If you have a tree or a branch in the wrong spot, all it takes is one severe storm or strong gust of wind, and you could have some serious property damage to deal with, not to mention a large tree down on your property. American Arbor can help you preemptively address these potential issues before they become very real ones. Whether you need a precarious branch removed, or you want the entire tree removed, our experienced professionals can complete the work quickly and safely before any of those unfortunate accidents occur. In today’s post, we will discuss some signs that you should consider having a branch or tree removed from your residential property.

Large Branches Pose a Risk

Larger trees have a great, majestic look that can really enhance the appearance of your property. Unfortunately, the larger the tree, the larger the branches, and when branches start to grow out, they can pose a serious risk to your property. One large branch falling off a tree can damage power lines, vehicles, and houses, not to mention potentially injuring anyone who may be in the area at the time. By trimming these branches, not only can you protect your property from any potential damage, but you can alleviate the stress on the tree itself. By taking this branch away, the tree will have added stability without having to try holding the weight of a larger branch, especially in the winter when accumulated snow adds even more weight to the branch. Our experienced team will examine the tree and make any necessary cuts to ensure the tree is stable while also ensuring your property is safe.

Trees Too Close to Your House are a Problem

If you have a tree growing too closely to your house, the obvious risk is the tree falling onto the house and destroying it. However, even if the tree stands, it can still cause significant damage to your home below the soil. A tree’s root system has a mind of its own and will grow regardless of any impediments in the soil, including the foundation of your home. Growing roots can damage underground pipes and even your foundation if left unaddressed, and the closer the tree is to the building, the greater the risk to your home. American Arbor can help remove problematic trees from your property without causing any sort of damage. Once the tree is removed, we can also grind the stump to remove that eyesore from your property. Contact us for more information about our tree removal services.