Customers Prefer American Arbor for Storm Damage Cleanup in Kalamazoo

With the seasons changing once more, Southwest Michigan is facing another slew of storms as temperatures flux and warm and cold fronts clash. Weather resulting from the changes could cause damage to trees and even cause the falling of heavy branches or even the total collapse of trees dozens of feet tall.

At American Arbor, we know how important it is to clean up after the damage a storm has caused. Fallen trees or branches can block roadways, damage households, or even pose a danger to humans nearby. For that reason, our arborists offer tree removal service to keep your home safe. Today, we’ll be discussing our storm cleanup procedures and how you can keep your property safe with American Arbor’s tree service.

Storm Damage Cleanup Essentials

If a storm has happened in your area, then you may have storm damage worth inspecting. After a storm has occurred, we recommend performing a quick inspection of your property to see if there are any damaged or felled trees. Even if you don’t come across any damage, felled trees could indicate compromise in the structural integrity of the trees that still stand, which could pose future problems.

If you feel uncertain about your trees, then we recommend contacting us so we can perform an inspection of your trees. If we find anything potentially dangerous—such as a tree that could fall and damage your home—we’ll inform you and present you with options for how to proceed.

When we present you with options, we’ll recommend both rehabilitative options for your trees (such as tree fertilization) as well as removal options (such as tree trimming or full removal).

Land Clearing to Prevent Future Damage

If you have a property that you feel would be better served without trees, then we also offer land clearing options to prevent storm damage and give you access to a clean plot of land. When you contract us at American Arbor to provide land clearing, we provide a full service that includes stump grinding, tree removal, and even simple tree pruning to clear overlong branches that might impede whatever you plan to do with the cleared land.

If you’re seeking to clean up or prevent storm damage in the Kalamazoo area, then don’t hesitate to contact us today. At American Arbor, we know the value of taking care of your trees. When you work with us, we aim to share those values with you.