Cohabitating with Your Trees: Preparing for Storm Damage

Last month’s ice storm came and went, but what seemingly surprised people the most about it was the sheer number of trees that had broken, snapped, or even split in half. Even now, you may notice splintered trees around your home or even breaching the roadways. The question we here at American Arbor ask, however, isn’t how we should go about cleaning up the damage that’s been done (we’re already working on it!) but how to prevent damage in the future.

Maintaining Your Trees and Woody Plants

The first and most effective way to stop danger and destruction is by taking steps to prevent it from happening in the first place. And just like us, trees require care and attention to accomplish healthy growth and maintenance. That’s why we offer tree risk assessment for any potential tree or shrub issues you may encounter. Once we’ve diagnosed a tree with any problems, we then can offer a multitude of tree services to best suit your needs. If your tree(s) seems to be suffering from an invasive pest or disease that is not a natural part of the tree’s life cycle, we offer tree spraying to give your tree the necessary autoimmune boost to overcome its illness. As professional arborists, we are trained and certified in using only the precise sprays to prevent any sort of toxicity or harm putting you or your tree at risk. If you’d like to take a more proactive approach to your tree’s heath, then we also offer tree fertilization services to give your trees the nutrient boost they deserve.

Trimming and Removing Possibly Hazardous Trees

If you notice that your tree is growing in a way that its limbs could cause damage to your home or other property, then we offer tree trimming services to ensure that your tree is trimmed in a way that it can continue to thrive while maintaining your property’s integrity. If we feel that a tree we trim could be at risk of nutrient deficiency, we take action to ensure it continues to receive everything it needs to survive.

In the unfortunate instance that it is necessary to remove a tree, we offer safe and efficient tree removal services for all those in need of aid. With your consent, we will evaluate a tree to determine whether or not it poses a possible threat to you or your property, and then share our analysis so you can make the most informed decision possible.

If you’re looking for tree service in Kalamazoo, Portage, or the surrounding areas you have and nurture the trees you care about, consider contacting us today to make sure your yard gets the attention it deserves.

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